The Two Broad Categories of Communication

by Waqar Arshad

The Two Broad Categories of Communication

Types of communication based on communication channels.

  1. Types of communication based on style and purpose.
  2. Types of Communication Based on Communication Channels

Verbal Communication

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication

Oral Communication

This communication process includes our spoken words. It can be place-to-place or conversation over the telegraph one, chat over internet, spoken conversation or dialogues are influence by voice modulation, pitch, volume and over the speed of clarity of speaking.

Written Communication

The other type of verbal communication is written communication. It can be via mail, email or Fax. The effectiveness of written communication depends on the style of writing vocabulary word grammar, clarity and perception of language.

Non-Verbal Communication

It includes the ever body language to the person who is speaking or acting. It will include body posture, hand gestures and over all body movements. Facial expressions play a major role, because they say a lot about speaking mode. (Hand spoke, smile, and hug).

It can also be in the form of pictorial presentations, sign boards, photographs, sketches and printings. Grunts, signs and vimpers are also a part of non-verbal communication

Types of Communication Based On Style and Purpose

Formal Communication

It includes all the sentences where communication has to occur in a net of formal format. For example, Typical business communication in written letter (data, header, salutations, body of the letter, closings signatures).

Informal Communication

It includes instances of free and un-retrained communication between people, who share a casual support with each other. It required between two people, who required a similar wave length hence between friends and family. It document have any rigid rules and guidelines. It needs not the boundaries of time, place and chats, just go on and go on.

All types of communication have many internal external communication abilities to receive decode and send the response.