Getup its 7 O’clock

by Waqar Arshad

Oui, it was very difficult to get up at morning to reach department on time. But now I’ve controlled over it. At morning the Thokar Niaz Baig is rushed by the workers and the students, the canal route is full of traffic, the route of canal through TNB is full of trees, there are housing societies on one hand and on the other is canal. The overload bus with the load of passengers, the students on the corner of the gate, the workers inside the bus sandwiched together and the Conductor makes his way by pushing people aside and ask to each person in Punjabi “Kraya lyao” (give the faire) and some of like me reply “Student”. There are always new faces; the people from different areas especially from South Punjab enter through this route. There are young people in search of job. No doubt Lahoris are lively and idle. I often play music on my Nokia 7610. This short journey ends at Doctor Hospital and I move ahead.