A Thousand Splendid Suns

by Waqar Arshad

Enjoying the vacations by reading novels. The novels of Khalid Hosseini takes too much attentions, feeling happy that I lived in an Independant country without any fears. Wheareas there is also terrorism and no religious freedom in Pakistan but the conditions are controlled. Most of the people are extremists like Afghanistan, especially for those who are in minorities, especially for those who have left the Islam. It is dangerous for those who shows that they are nonmuslims. The people are too hypocrate, they can do anything to make comfort their Islamic souls. I remembered the hostel life. My roomates saw my facebook profile and some of their benefits they blamed me a thief. One was saying that “Call to Jamatians and show them his facebook profile so that they will fuck him and beat him”. Once my classfellow said that “comeon buddy! you say that you’re nonmuslim and also advice that don’t speak a lie”.

By reading “A Thousands of Splendid Suns” I am very grateful to Pervaiz Musaraf who took the step of war against terrorism in Lal Masjid, FATA and Swat and its still going in all over the Pakistan. Everyday many persons die by bomb blasts. The people wants to stop the drone attacks in FATA, but not I.

I remembered the war of Lal Masjid, a good step by government but the media of Pakistan shows it in too negative sense. I want to ask the students of Lal Masjid that when the government notified them to leave the mosque, then why they didn’t leave it. It proves that they were noritious in Taliban’s and the extremists hands.