A voice of a little shiite girl

by Waqar Arshad

Papa! My teacher says
From tomorrow all the children will be
Stay at their homes… read at home!
I heard that
One big Uncle, with black mustaches
Will come with bomb
All children will die!
Papa why one would kill us?
Did we have a mistake?
Why uncle is angry with us?
Papa! Should I give him my doll?
Or my colorful; do you remember that blue box
You brought it for me on my last birthday
And my that lovely hairband
Of red color, with a butterfly!
Should I give it too?
Then he would not kill me?
Papa! Do you remember once a time when!
My hand injured
It was very painful!
It blooded a little!
I wept a lot
Is it big bomb?
Would it injure a lot?
It would be more painful!
Papa I feel fear

Credit goes to Roshnipk.com, facebook.com/roshnipkdotcom
Translated by Waqar